Virtual Dinner? SPREAD finalist Eric Maddox explains

Remember crowdsourcing?  One of the new ideas for funding local arts projects?  This week we have an interview with Eric Maddox about his Virtual Dinner Guest Project, a finalist in last month’s Site Santa Fe arts funding dinner, SPREAD.  And Eric is also a finalist in the Splashlife Entrepreneurs For Social Change contest — so if you love the project, go to the Splashlife site and vote for the Virtual Dinner Guest Project.  And of course a New Mexico Minute from Jim Atwood, this week about Gary King’s sole vote to retain the ultimately ousted Police Review Board prosecutor.

Listen to the show: (18 min)

iPad users click here or (anyone) right click here to download the show.

Visit the Virtual Dinner Guest Project’s Facebook page.

Prosecutor Ousted From Police Review Agency
By on Wed, Dec 14, 2011

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Read more about Eric Maddox:
Writer/Director and creator of The Virtual Dinner Guest project , Eric Maddox, is a long-time transient-resident of Santa Fe New Mexico. Chance and personal folly have found him living and working throughout the globe’s winter wonderlands, whether it be his worldly education as a Social Worker in the Detroit area, completing his graduate studies tucked into a converted chicken-coup in rural Vermont, or naively backpacking through the snowy mountains of northern Lebanon, in December… in sandals.
Eric holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Mathematics from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and an M.A. in International Conflict Resolution from the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont. He stumbled into the dynamic world of Documentary Film-Making while completing his graduate research in The West Bank and Israel.
It was during his five-month stay in a Palestinian refugee camp that Eric first gained a visceral appreciation for the power of documentary film, both as a tool for effecting social change, and as a vehicle for promoting the collective awareness of obscure and neglected human struggles. After tagging along with various independent journalists in The West Bank, Eric managed to get his hands on a dime-store video camera, and set about hitching rides to refugee camps, collective farms, and urban centers throughout the region. During these travels Eric began documenting the oral histories of elder Israelis and Palestinians, and the resulting film, ‘48 Generations, premiered at the 2009 Santa Fe Film Festival.

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