The $500,000 Liquor License: Why?

Ever tried to order a scotch on the rocks in one of Santa Fe’s restaurants and been told, “Sorry, we can only serve wine and beer.”?  Ever wonder why?  Today we look at New Mexico’s archaic, accidental alcohol control law, its unintended consequences, and what the science shows about which policy measures will best stop alcohol abuse such as drunk driving.  Guess what?  Those best practices have nothing to do with our post-prohibition alcohol control law.  But changing the law will be hard because lobbyists are at work and current license holders now have a valuable asset — the $500,000 liquor license.  And they want to keep it that way.

Listen to the show: (33 min)

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See the price of all recent liquor licenses sales in New Mexico here.

And a New Mexico Minute by Jim Atwood on the resistance in the legislature to anti-corruption reforms, including legislation to implement the Think New Mexico reforms to the PRC.  Think New Mexico’s report on the PRC was the subject of a previous Santa Fe Stories.  Remember Jerome Block, Jr.?

Use Think New Mexico’s excellent website tool to tell your legislators not to stall the PRC legislation.

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3 Measures To Reform PRC Hit Snag in Senate
Michael Hartranft / Journal Staff Writer
Thu, Feb 9, 2012

Bill to battle corruption gets little local backing
S.F.-area Dems defend ‘no’ votes; GOP seizes on campaign opportunity
Steve Terrell | The New Mexican
Monday, February 06, 2012

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2 Responses to The $500,000 Liquor License: Why?

  1. Ryan Ward says:

    How can we get this on the ballot? Liquor license quotas obviously exacerbate the problem of DUIs.

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