ATC Charter (Part II): Hell hath no fury…?

In Part I of this story we shared voices from the Academy of Technology and the Classics Charter School on their decision to ask to ask the Board of Ed to allow them to move into the old Kuane Elementary building. But walking away from the old ATC building means walking away from the bond debt that built it — now about $6.4 million — and the bondholders have threatened to sue the school district for “interfering” with the bondholders investment and for “conspiring to enriching itself” by taking ATC’s state “rent” money for the old Kuane building.   This week on the show hear Russell Caldwell, Davidson & Co. banker who put the ATC financing together, Jim Ford, an independent education and strategic planning consultant who works with many charters, and Lee Pittard, an ATC parent who lived through the decision to take on the bond debt and build the school and acted as the school’s representative during the financing and construction.  The Board of Ed will make its decision by the April 17th meeting.  Stay tuned….

Listen to the show (20 min)

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The Santa Fe New Mexican has done a great job covering this story. Support our local papers by subscribing!  (That’s where we learn about a lot of these stories)  Yes, I am trying to shame you into it … Stop reading for free online and buy the papers!  We’ll be really unhappy if they are not there anymore.

Here is the latest installment of their many excellent articles on this subject:

ATC seeks OK for Kaune site as firm prepares for legal fight
Robert Nott | The New Mexican
Monday, April 02, 2012

and a piece about ATC from back in the day when the bond deal was in the works… thanks ABQ Journal

Santa Fe Charter School Stands Out
October 6, 2005
By GABRIELA C. GUZMAN Journal Staff Writer

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