ATC Charter (Part III): The Best Laid Plans…

In today’s show, we finish the ATC series — just as the Board of Education voted this week to allow ATC to move to Kaune (though some neighbors and the bondholders are still threatening legal action to prevent the move).  Hear from Randy Freeman, Turquoise Trail Elementary School’s business manager, Jackie Gomez, the former business manager of ATC, and Dr. Chuck Hammer, one of the school’s original board members and a passionate supporter of the school.  Again, the story has larger implications for charters, especially on how the continuity of a charter’s team can quite literally make or break a school.   And Jim Atwood has a New Mexico Minute on the most recent brouhaha at the city council.

Listen to the show (21 min)

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In Part I and Part II of this story we shared voices from the Academy of Technology and the Classics Charter School on their decision to ask the Board of Ed to allow them to move into the old Kaune Elementary building.  We unraveled how the school ended up in this position and the threats of legal action that came with walking away from the old ATC building and the $6.4 million in bond debt that built it.

The Santa Fe New Mexican has done a great job covering this story. Support our local papers by subscribing!  (That’s where we learn about a lot of these stories)  Yes, I am trying to shame you into it … Stop reading for free online and buy the papers!  We’ll be really unhappy if they are not there anymore.

Here is the latest installment of their many excellent articles on this subject:

ATC is back on its feet
The New Mexican
Thursday, April 19, 2012

ATC move to Kaune site clears hurdle
Robert Nott | The New Mexican
Posted: Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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