Nicholas Herrera: The Santero of El Rito

Nicholas Herrera is a contemporary artist whose art builds on and expands the traditional art of the Northern New Mexico Santero.  He is known as the Santero, the saint maker, of El Rito.  I visited with him at his home and studio in El Rito to hear about his life, his work and his home and studio.  Nicholas’s work can be found in dozens of museums and collections nationally and internationally, including at the Smithsonian National Museum of American Art and the Museum of International Folk Art here in Santa Fe New Mexico.

Listen to the show: (28 min):

Nicholas’s own website is here and you can read more about Nicholas and see more images of Nicholas and his work here.

You can see the video of Nicholas that shows in the Smithsonian here.

Here are some more pictures from the tour of the El Rito studio.  Thanks to Kathy Schulz for the photos.

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  1. Susan Miller says:

    And atc is in the news again today!


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