Joel Boyd on Santa Fe Schools (Part I)

Today I share part I of my interview with Santa Fe’s new superintendent of schools, Joel Boyd.  As has been widely reported the Santa Fe School Board voted to sack the former superintendent of schools, Bobbi Gutierrez.  The board conducted a nationwide search last year and ended up hiring Joel Boyd.  He faces many challenges — not least among them Santa Fe’s very low graduation rate — somewhere between 50 and 60% depending upon whose statistics you believe.  I sat down with Joel in his office to talk about Santa Fe Schools.  We very quickly got onto the the subject of school funding and the state equalization formula — a subject on which Joel had lots to say.  Also Joel talks about how to engage children and families — the new three Rs — relevance, relationships and rigor.  And Jim Atwood has a New Mexico Minute on having an attorney general and a governor from different parties.

Listen to the show: (28 min)

Joel had lots of other things to say and I’ll have more from my interview with him in the next show.

Read Joel Boyd’s op ed on the Equalization formula:
N.M. School Funding Formula Unfair to Santa Fe Teachers
By by Joel D. Boyd / Santa Fe Public Schools Superintendent on Sun, Sep 2, 2012

Hear more about the oddities of New Mexico school funding in a previous Santa Fe Stories podcast: the Chinese Wall.

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