Sitting Is Bad for You?

Santa Fean and New York Times “Phys Ed” columnist  Gretchen Reynolds talks about the science of exercise and movement.  Learn why sitting is really bad for you, how fat cells can communicate with the brain, how brain cells created by exercise are smarter than other brain cells and can multitask. And more!  Gretchen writes the Well blog for the New York Times and recently published her book, The First 20 Minutes: Surprising Science Reveals How We Can Exercise Better, Train Smarter, Live Longer.   Gretchen and I talk about her work on today’s show.    And Jim Atwood has a New Mexico Minute on our very own jobs numbers.

Listen to the show:

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3 Responses to Sitting Is Bad for You?

  1. Kathleen says:

    Very interesting. Thanks a lot, Gretchen! I have never really learned much of the science behind it, but I ended up switching to an adjustable height desk by simply listening to my body. I felt lazy and tired when I was sitting all day at the office. I’d be at the computer all day and hardly stand up! Now I use a NextDesk, though, and I’ve lost weight, I feel healthier, more productive, and just better overall.
    Really and truly the biggest difference I’ve made in my health in a long time– just by standing!
    Benefits galore here:
    And thanks again for the post. You guys are awesome!

  2. Leslie Nathanson says:

    Happy Thanksgiving dear one, I am writing this while standing. Many hugs, L

    Sent from my iPad

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