Travelogue: Semana Santa in Andalucia

IMG_2102I am back from Spring Break, and have a story about my trip to Andalucia, Spain.   From Sevilla, where I ended up by mistake, to Malaga and Ronda, Granada and Guadix, we had a fantastic trip seeing (or not seeing) the Semana Santa processions, a bull farm, a prehistoric cave, flamenco dancing and more.

Listen to the show, Ep. #40: (25 min)


Mi amiga buena, Susan Boe, took amazing photos, as usual, and you can see them below, mixed in with my not so great photos

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2 Responses to Travelogue: Semana Santa in Andalucia

  1. says:

    This was great! I felt like I was back there, getting thin, trying to keep warm and taking photos.

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