Liquor License Update: No Margarita For You!

dop_margaritaLast year, I looked in detail at the New Mexico Liquor Control Act  and found out why liquor licenses in  New Mexico cost up to $500,000.  This year, I went back to see whether anything had changed.  And the answer is…  no!  Steve Reinhart, who I interviewed last year, is gone, and Jennifer M. Anderson is the new Director of the Division of Alcohol and Gaming at the Department of Regulation and Licensing.  But other than that, the current license holders — the 1411 — as Jennifer Anderson calls them — still have a stranglehold on making an common sense changes to our post-prohibition Liquor Control Act.  It costs $1,000 a year to serve beer and wine in your restaurant, but if you want to serve scotch or margaritas, you have to try to buy one of the 1411 outstanding licenses from an existing holder and that could cost you up to $600,000 (the most recent price on June 1 of this year, $100,000 more than last year!)   And a New Mexico Minute by Jim Atwood on Governor Martinez’s increasingly embarrassing record of non-achievement.

Listen to the show:  (Ep. #42)

Or click here if you have trouble with the player above and don’t forget this show and all past shows are available in the iTunes music store– Just look for Santa Fe Stories.

See the price of all recent liquor licenses sales in New Mexico here.

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