Jim Atwood’s New Mexico Minute

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7.10.13 Governor Martinez’s increasingly embarrassing record of non-achievement: near the bottom on job creation; dead last in child welfare.

2.16.13 No room at the Courthouse for the public?

2.2.13 Spaceport liability?

1.5.13 The 112th Congress and our own Steve Pierce.

11.23.12 New Mexico’s jobs numbers — worst in the nation.

10.23.12 Problems arise when the Governor and the Attorney General are from different parties, especially when Attorney General Gary King is running to replace Governor Martinez in 2014.

9.13.12 What’s up with the Medicaid expansion decision?

8.30.12  Governor Martinez’s national debut and New Mexico’s job creation record.  Need I say it, worst in the nation.

8.18.12 On top of everything else, New Mexico gets low marks for … clumsiness?

8.4.12  Can New Mexico make the right decision on Medicaid expansion?  Listen:

7.21.12 Making up numbers and faking an auditor’s signature?  Really?  Hear the story about the New Mexico Finance Authority:

6.23.12 Commercial development at the Santa Fe Indian School?  Not so fast.  Listen:

6.9.12 Private security in the rail yard?  Not a great idea.  Hear why:

5.19.12 Some good news for a change — the new investment manager of New Mexico permanent fund — formerly troubled by the play to pay scandal — has drastically improved results.  Tip of the hat to Steve Moise the investment manager who replaced Gary Bland.

4.20.12 Only in Santa Fe?  Is the City investigating councilor Patti Bushee or Steve Duran who made accusations against Bushee, it seems for improper reasons?

3.23.12  The city withheld an audit report that totally refuted claims the city was making about the benefits of annexation until after the vote on the bond issue.  What’s up with the (non) transparency of our city government?

3.10.12  Wacky goings on in southern New Mexico — lap dances, mayors on probation and mock trials of President Obama.

2.10.12  PRC Reform stalled in Senate; other anti-corruption bill fate uncertain.

1.14.12  Suspending impact fees is not going to fix the housing demand problem.

12.29.11  Goodbye Occupy Santa Fe

Gary King’s Prosecutor Ousted From Police Review Agency

NM’s Dismal Medicaid Fraud Recovery Statistics:  December 3

Ben Ray Lujan’s Fancy (taxpayer funded) Mailer:  November 10

The Abysmal Performance of NM’s 529 Plans:  November 2

Gary King’s Campaign Contribution from New York City Law Firm: October 23

It’s the Tea Party’s Fault that Ben Lujan Is Still Speaker:  Oct. 8

4 Responses to Jim Atwood’s New Mexico Minute

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  3. nancy udell says:

    Thanks Michael for your comment. Jim and I are happy to be part of the state-wide property tax suit. To be honest, we may have a slightly different point of view on it than you do: We are happy to pay our property taxes, so long as others with the same ability to pay are also paying. The current law, which caps those who bought before 2001, regardless of income or assets is not constitutional or fair. There is no justification to treat those who have lived here longer differently than new comers or first time buyers. Under the New Mexico State Constitution, there are only three reasons taxpayers can be treated differently: age, income, and residential status. The year that a home is purchased is not a legitimate basis for treating taxpayers differently under the New Mexico Constitution. I do think that the current assessor is doing a good job in trying to get the property values up to date. I’m sure we’ll do a show on the cap at some point. Thanks for your support of the show and spread the word!

  4. Michael Verano says:

    Yoy two are truly unique, an amazing asset to Santa Fe. We are new residents to Santa Fe and just bought a nice home. We love your blog here and the article in the New Mexican “Santa Fe couple takes on state’s property-tax cap”. Like you folks, we are pursuing that tax issue for the same reasons. Nancy Holian, our Commissioner, told us that a consultant is being hired to assess ALL properties in SF by year’s end. That should raise hackles of residents and either (1) raise everyone’s rates in this deplorable economy, or (2) get rates reduced to reflect the true market due to the raised hackles. In any case, we are waiting on the court ruling of suits outstanding. My wife and I have the power to get other folks with money to consider moving out here and spending their money here. Will we do that if new buyers are penalized. Heck no! But, with good ole boy Lujan out of office and the pressure on politicians (from broke, jobless, angry constituents, both workers and small business owners) maybe there will be more progress. Also, after my vehement complaints to and against the Assessor’s office, the Commissioner (Holian) wrote me that the Assessor’s will no longer just show up to peoples’ residents and prowl around without permission. Instead, they will send notices to owners (as they are supposed to) in advance in order to respect property rights and our Constitutional right to owner privacy. We love small, efficient, lean govt. where public servants actually serve the people. But we noted that these good ole boy agencies need to be flushed out and the people need to be aware that they should expect complete transparency and legality from our public servants, just as they expect of us. Also, your PRC article is right on. We are pursuing an issue with Verizon and the PRC despite its promises through Mr. Arcy Baca (at PRC) has done NOTHING to assist us in outright flagrant violations of the law by the corporation on consumers. PRC, seems to be the gravy job to get if you enjoy title, free transportation, a decent salary and bennies, and working under “do nothing, but talk good” managers! Blogs like this and new publications like the “Light of New Mexico” are the venues for positive reform and steps toward positive affluence for this community.


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