Music in the Show

The fair use doctrine allows me to use very small clips of songs in the podcast since it is news reporting and not for profit.  (I knew there was a reason I went to law school! )
All music used on the site was purchased legally.  And, I want to let you know what the songs are and where you can buy them in case you want to hear more and support the artists (or copyright holder) by buying a copy.

Help by the Beatles (it’s cool that the catalog is finally in iTunes)

Dos Gardenias and other clips from The Buena Vista Social Club album.

“Road to Nowhere” by the Talking Heads from the Little Creatures album.

Frank Sinatra’s “(How Little it Matters) How Little we Know” from the Best of the Capitol Years

John Doe’s “Lucky Penny” from Keeper

The blues riff  is from “After You’ve Gone” on a new CD by Hugh Laurie (yes, Hugh Laurie, i.e., House) called Let Them Talk.  Yeah, it’s great.

Elizabeth Cook’s “I’m Beginning to Forget” from the album Welder.


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