How to Subscribe

Ok, so everyone has been asking.  “What’s a podcast?”  Answers to this and some other frequently asked questions below:

What is podcasting?

Podcasting makes an audio file, typically an MP3 file, available online so that you can listen on the computer or download via an automatic “feed.” You can then hear the podcast whenever you want  on portable media player such as iPhone.

How do I subscribe to the podcast?

You can subscribe to the podcast by clicking the orange “subscribe in iTunes” button on any page of this site.   Watch this video:

Or just type “Santa Fe Stories” into the search box of the iTunes store and click “subscribe.”  Watch this video:

If you want to make your podcasts portable, you can simply transfer them from your computer to your phone, iPod or other portable media device.

Where do I get iTunes?

Click here for the latest version of Apple’s iTunes , or get other services such as Odeo or iPodder, that can manage your podcast subscriptions.  

I can’t figure this out.  What should I do?

Call someone younger than you who loves you and ask them to help. 😀

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